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Welcome! Four reasons for Choosing Us

We founded Tets-a-tetes because we see defficiencies in the provision of CBT in the UK, and because there is a huge gap in the market for sub-clinical applications of CBT - particularly in the field of management training. In addition we wish to further the provision of CBT through the provision of educational courses and one-off lectures, and clinical supervision. Here are the four reasons in more detail:

FOR 1:1 PSYCHOTHERAPYA professional approach

Cognitive behaviour therapy is becoming progressively more difficult to access in the UK due to long waiting times, and the number of NHS treatment sessions offered is frequently curtailed for economic reasons. This is true across the age span. We are here to fill the gap for adults and young people.

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For BusinessesA new approach to change management

Therapy is about helping people to change, and businesses require continuous change to survive. Traditional change management techniques have nothing like the huge evidence base of cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT). So why not use CBT for change management. Who has skills in both domains ? We do.

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For learnersTraining in CBT

We are experienced lecturers and presenters who can tailor a variety of courses to your needs. Follow the link to see topics that we have taught:

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For local practitionersSupervision in CBT

We offer CBT supervivion (based on the well-known Newcastle model).

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Important links

The professional body for CBT

British Association of Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapists

BABCP is the lead organisation for cognitive behaviour therapy in the UK. Use of their logo does not imply their endorsement of the contents of this website.

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UK Government body producing guidelines for evidence-based practice in the NHS

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence

The NICE guidelines for psychotherapy help ensure that patients receive treatments for their condition that are backed by research evidence

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