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Who we are


John Barber

After studying Psychology at London and Oxford universities, John worked as a research scientist and internal business consultant for Unilever for twenty-one years specialising firstly in sensory science, then moving to artificial intelligence and finally knowledge management, looking after the needs of a small research group based at Port Sunlight UK. He then obtained a MSc (with Distinction) in Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapy at Derby University where he served as an honorary lecturer from 2006-8. From 2006 he joined NHS Wales as a practising CBT therapist and is a founder member of CBT4Wales, a pressure group campaigning for better access to psychological therapies in Wales. John has served on various government committees, has lectured at The Open University, University of Pittsburgh, Warwick Business School & Manchester Business School, and has worked closely with the universities of Edinburgh, Liverpool, Bristol, St Gallen (Sw). He has received management training at Roffey Park, Henley Management College and Strathclyde University. He has a diverse project portfolio covering manufacturing, consumer science, branding and knowledge sharing.

Marianne Barber

We’ll give your business chance to grow!

Growth through people

You can have the best business processes and support systems in the world - even the cleverest people. But all this is useless unless people themselves are functioning effectively and efficiently. To use a metaphor: Top gardeners may know all about providing water and sunlight, but it is the plants themselves that have to do the growing to produce life.

Our unique selling point

Tetes-a-tetes people have experience in both the business world and as NHS clinicians. We therefore know how to apply the proven methods of therapeutic change in a practical way that businesses can understand.

Experience and Professionals

Some of the organisations that Tetes-a-tetes has worked with....