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What can we treat with Cognitive Behaviour Therapy ?

nxiety Disorders

such as panic, social anxiety, chronic worry, OCD, phobias, hypochondriasis and hording.

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All mood disorders including bipolar presentations.

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bsessive compulsivedisorder

OCD including hoarding.

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Treatment for psychological trauma inclusing post-traumatic stress disorder. For trauma we offer a specialist therapy called EMDR and have expertise in applying this to children in particular.

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ody image concerns

Body-image dysmorphia and they way we feel we present to others and to ourselves.

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isorders of Childhood

Schoolrefusal, anxiety and ASD, performance fears.

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How It Works

Step 1

Get in touch with us for a preliminary discussion (see Contact page). For email and telephone discussions there is of course no charge. However we ask a deposit for an initial face-to-face discussion, but this is refunded if we take you on as a patient.

Step 2

If you feel that we are right for you, and we feel we can help you, we will together plan a programme of CBT to suit your needs.